About the Social Network Analysis Interactive Dataset Library

This site contains an accessible library of many of the 'open' social network analysis datasets . This library of datasets is open to all, and anyone can add datasets - as a consequence the quantity and quality of the library is growing pretty quickly.

This interactive library provides researchers with an accessible overview of the different type of open social network datasets available. It was initially developed as part of a research project to outline the different types of social network datasets at the Dynamics lab in University College Dublin. As of our launch data (April 2013) some datasets have had their features extensively catalogued, while others have just the bare minimum details.

In total there are currently 427 Networks in the library. New datasets can be added by anyone (beginning here) and existing datasets can be edited on their overview page (for an example, see here).

There is a tabular view (summary), an interactive visualisation, or you can simply download all the library data. Note that this is an ongoing effort, and there are many publicly available network datasets not yet captured here, and some of the datasets captured within have not had their details populated yet.

Our objective is to create a open resource that contains information about available social network datasets, including the key features (e.g. are the networks multimodal, bipartite, multiplex, dynamic etc.) and size (number of nodes, number of edges). This resource will prove useful to both those beginning to think about social networks and those who may be seeking a dataset of very specific structure / size (e.g. in order to test an algorithm).

Contact Us

Suggestions are welcome and can either be directed to eamonn.oloughlin@ucdconnect.ie or diane.payne@ucd.ie.